I have had my birthday party at Taste Buds Kitchen twice. My experience there was SO amazingly EPIC!! The first time I had my party there it was amazing, me and my friends had SO much fun! The second time I had a party there it was again so much fun, and I heard someone say that their child loved it so much that they begged their parents to let them come!

Taste Buds Kitchen lets you have birthday parties where you choose your own menu and the chefs who work there guide you through the steps. I have tried the Chocolate lover menu and the Pasta war menu. Personally, I liked the Pasta war menu more, but that is only because I am not really chocolate person. I also like the Pasta war menu because we got to make pasta from scratch, so we got to make the dough and then use the machine to make the pasta shape! Do you know you can also have after school classes and summer camps?

I love Taste Buds Kitchen because it is nut free, and watches out for allergies if you tell them, and you always have SO much fun! Here’s one of the recipes they printed for me. I’m so glad I have chosen to have my party here for two years and I really want to have my birthday party here again.

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