Hi. Jana here. I’m doing a book review on the book The Complete Baking Book For Young Chefs. This book is how I started baking. I started baking when the pandemic had just hit in 2020. I wanted to do something because we were stuck at home, so I got a baking book and started baking.

I recommend this book for the ages 7 and older. Why? Because some things can be really hard in the kitchen for children under 7.And there are some things in the kitchen that could hurt them, like the oven, a pan, boiling hot water,hot things in the microwave,and much more.

What I love about this book is that for every recipe there is a compliment about the recipe. This book gives young bakers ( like me!) a chance to make something and have fun! Some of my favorite recipes from this book are, Pumpkin bread, raspberry muffins, a fruit tart, and some other delicious things. Another thing I love about this book is that it has all different types of recipes.

This book has taught me so many great recipes and I hope you enjoy them too.Here’s my favorite recipe from this book, pumpkin bread. This recipe is straight from the book and not my own.

Let’s get baking!

Jana xoxo